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Education is at the heart of our mission to foster an environmental ethic and we recognize that youth education is a priority. Education infrastructure and transportation to deliver more programs to schoolchildren is a critical need that is at the heart of our mission. Public schools face continuing budget limitations and often have to reduce or eliminate enrichment programs and field trips. The Refuge has an important role to play with curriculum, program enrichment, and cultivating young minds and hearts. At this time, the opportunities exceed our capacity and we must build partnerships with educational organizations, beginning with the Albuquerque Public Schools, in order to develop and deliver programs. Not only will the programs we support with money and volunteers fulfill our mission, but they will increase the profile of the Refuge in the community and give us credibility with potential donors.

Ø    Provide volunteer support for Refuge educational programs (Jr. Duck Stamp, Birds of a Feather, etc)

Ø    Recruit and train volunteers for education and interpretation

Ø    Build Relationships with APS

Ø    Build relationships with other education communities and organizations (Boy Scouts, 4H, etc.)

Ø    Establish a Junior arm of the Friends of VDONWR which can be extended to all Friends organizations



Our current leadership and member base is not sustainable to provide the support that VDONWR needs to reach ‘build-out’ and deliver its potential value to the community. This is our most significant strategic weakness and must be addressed to accomplish our goals. Only with a well-coordinated, persistent approach to membership and volunteer growth will we gain the capacity we must have.

Ø    Develop and implement a plan to attract and retain members and volunteers

Ø    Process intake and renewals with membership service application

Ø    Improve volunteer/member intake procedures

Ø    Nurture leadership and assure succession planning


We face a continuing challenge to reach out to potential visitors, engage our stakeholders, and significantly increase our donor base. We do not yet have an integrated plan to communicate effectively with multiple audiences and convey who we are, what VDONWR offers, and why it matters. There are many good organizations bringing their messages to the public, potential donors, businesses, and other key stakeholders. In this crowded environment of competing messages, we will only be successful through diligent effort. We must become more skilled in communicating with our audiences, supporters, and community stakeholder stakeholders in order to receive the recognition we need to achieve our Vision.

Ø    Identify stakeholders and select target groups with strategies to attract their involvement

Ø    Develop message to raise public profile of refuge

Ø    Implement a marketing plan


The Events Committee will organize events and festivals to highlight the Refuge and coordinate volunteers for the different venues in which we participate.  For starters, we need your help to:

Ø   Coordinate volunteers to set up and staff tables for public events such as South Valley Pride Day, Growers Markets, monthly Refuge Open Houses, etc.

Ø   Coordinate volunteers to network and attend other organization’s meeting and events so the FVDONWR can show support

Ø    Co-host dignitary visits and USFWS sponsored events

Ø    Cultivate Events and collaboration to support Friends and Refuge


The Communications Committee will manage the FVDONWR social media sites and publicize FVDNWR and Refuge events.

Ø    Manage Facebook page and Social media, keeping it current

Ø    Establish a photo database

Ø    Oversee website management

Ø    Generate a quarterly newsletter

Ø    Develop a media plan


The current economic climate, flat state funding trends, and a very competitive environment for nonprofit fundraising challenge us to develop the additional resources we need to become more effective and fulfill our mission beyond our current level of performance. Our fundraising activities will work hand-in-hand with outreach that raises the profile of the Refuge. We will use the beautiful story of Valle de Oro to diversify and increase our donor base and continue to educate potential sponsors about the FVDO value proposition as a unique urban resource. With adequate funding we can help FWS add facilities and infrastructure and increase the quality and breadth of its programs.

Ø    Build a strong fundraising team

Ø    Seek out high value individual and corporate donors

Ø    Produce and identify opportunities to raise funds for FVDONWR

Ø    Offer promotional items sales as fundraising tool

Ø    Secure grants that support the mission


Over the next five years, critical infrastructure and facilities will move into the planning phase and some may begin to take form. FVDO can advise FWS, engage affected stakeholder groups, and support these developments with funds. There will also be opportunities to target key development in the surrounding community that improves access and transportation links. There may be less desirable proposed development that could negatively affect the environmental integrity of the Refuge. FVDO must remain available to participate in related community activities as necessary, advocating for the Refuge in the community.

Ø    Provide support to build out initiatives and continuing improvements

Ø    Support related neighborhood development including transportation planning and projects that connect the Refuge with the Albuquerque community (Paseo del Bosque Trail Extension, 2nd St)


The Grants Committee will investigate grant possibilities in order to develop and support the Friends group, educational programs, outreach and events on the Refuge.

Ø    Investigate Grant possibilities

Ø    Complete Grant applications

Ø    Administer and implement grant funded projects

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